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Well, I guess you could say that me as a photographer is all about you.


My passion for photography comes from my belief that the experiences we have as humans, even the small ones, are important. Your experiences are important. These moments, the little glances, the hugs, the tears, they are worth saving, and being looked back at. 

"It is easier to know who you are when you can see who you have been."

I have always enjoyed taking photos, but I went to University and earned a BFA in Fine Art, with a focus on painting people. But no matter how real my paintings looked, how finely I drew the hairs and the glint in the eyes, I always felt so far away from the people themselves. Photography changed that. It allowed me to use my love of light and angles and composition and add the wild card of humanity into the mix - and that is what makes it great. No matter how meticulously I set up a shot, it is your emotions, movements, attractions that make the photo. That's what it is to create art together.

I search for the candid, real, raw moments that show the authentic emotion of lovers and loved ones.

I'm in paradise when I shoot in natural light, in the great outdoors.

I really like sushi. A lot. If you need a photographer and are having sushi PICK ME.

My audio book subscription was the best purchase I made in 2016. I want to be best friends with Jo Nesbo.

The first job I had in Switzerland in 2015 was pet sitting goats in the alps. Classic Switzerland.

Taking my black coffee away from me is about as easy as high-jumping a horse.

I will hang off a cliff, stand in the snow, canoe through a lake, tramp through dewey meadows, whatever it takes to make the photo great.


Let's go on an adventure; let's find a place as epic as your love and make some beautiful photos together.


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