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Stockholm began with a very serious upgrade in men's footwear... 

Sweet train station architecture

Sultry Swedish man sells 7-Eleven Coffee... CAUSE THEY HAVE 7-ELEVEN IN SWEDEN. What the heck, guys.

Surprise! The ferry is part of Stockholm's public transportation

Olivia finds another tiny door and Sweden busts out this sweet design for a cigarette thing.

Lookin a little droopy there pal...

Wild Swedish animal

Then these jerks came to crash the party

Freakin tree hugger over here

A+ for picnic tables

This one's for Courtney

So we found a sweet garden maze - Olivia thought we were going to die in there but eventually we found the center...

Aaaand the prize was this mailbox - we weren't sure what to do with it, it wasn't the right size for any of our stuff.


Saw this on display in a window... yeah your guess is as good as ours.

Makin lunch

By the way, sneakers are so hot right now in Europe

Olivia and I have different techniques for waiting for the ferry:

Old Town

Out for drinks on our last night in this cool bar - opened 1908 and still going strong.

And here's a cute little picture of Olivia taking a sip and an absolutely terrifying picture of me

6am and ready for a day of travel

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