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May 29-June 7 2015

Here we go... waterfall number one:

The tip of the iceberg - I almost got killed over these olives.

Black sands and corny pics

Watering my hair

When I build an evil fortress it's going here. I mean if.

Here's me getting destroyed by the wind at the top of a mountain, 9 of Nathan's fingers and a sundial.

Blending in.

Made sure this photo was large so you could really feel like you were eating the sardines with us.

This photo was taken around 1 am before we went to sleep - Iceland says no thanks to darkness in the summer. 

Good thing it's warm enough in June for the highland roads to finally be opened...

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It's geothermal, kids

Here's a little collab I did with Icelandic daylight: geothermal cave pool ft. Nathan

A tree exploding out of the ground and the skeptical half of Nathan's face.

I think we were all getting tired of the upper half of my face, let's take a little break.

And here, the back of Nathan's head hasn't gotten much camera action:

Nathan had already reached his fun quota for the day

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Just a couple of guys walking around Reykjavik.

Corrugated metal. Everywhere.

Look, I made a new friend. He can be a real blockhead, but when things get rocky he's a solid pal. Ok, I'll stop now. On another note, you may have seen all the corrugated metal and thought, "these people are barbarians" - not so, as you can see from this sign, they have civilized rules:

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