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A&E Couple Session in Basel, Switzerland

Some people just have really amazing chemistry together - the type that gives you all the feels when you are editing their session at 3am with a mug of berry tea and Keaton Henson singing sweet sweet love songs in your ear as you caress the faces of the pair with your Lightroom highlight brush adjustment...

But seriously.

These two have a beautiful comfort and closeness to their interactions that is really wonderful to watch. We romped around through some wintery forests in Basel before I left Switzerland for a month in America - and I'm so glad we did. It was nice to go out and shoot around these Swiss hills where I've been plotting photoshoots to distract myself while on winter runs (rare, but it happens...the running, not the photoshoots) - and especially nice when you have a friendly and low key couple to hang out with the whole time.

Rest your eyeballs on these beauties and send any questions you have my way :)

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